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Mittler Report Verlag publishes specialist periodicals and brochures in German and English as well as newsletters, studies and essays in the areas of

  • Security and Defence Policy,
  • Armed Forces,
  • Defence and Security Technology,
  • IT and Cyber Security,
  • Logistics and
  • Public Security.

These themes are also subject to conferences and symposia organised by Mittler Report Verlag in Germany and abroad.

In addition the publishing house renders publishing services on order to associations.

Mittler Report Verlag is a company of the Tamm Media Group.


For questions regarding our magazines, brochures, newsletters and conferences our service desk is at your disposal.

Phone +49 (0)2 28 35 00 870
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Points of Contact:

Sabine Rump

Renate Herrmanns


Your advertisement in

  • Europäische Sicherheit & Technik (German, monthly),
  • MarineForum (German, monthly),
  • European Security and Defence (English, 9 issues per year),
  • the Defence Technology Review and Security Technology Review brochure series as well as
  • on our websites www.esut.de and www.euro-sd.com

reaches decision makers in politics, armed forces, public security organisations, procurement authorities, international institutions, and defence and security industries.

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Dr. Peter Bossdorf (Managing Director, Bonn)
Peter Tamm (Managing Director, Hamburg)
Thomas Bantle (Managing Director, Hamburg)

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