European Security & Defence

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Contents of issue 3/2019 include:

  • Russian Naval Threats in the Black Sea (Stephen Blank)
  • 5G and Battlespace Dominance (Chet Nagle)
  • The “Daesh Phenomenon” (Andreea Stoian Karadeli)
  • Defence Materiel Modernisation in Austria (Georg Mader)
  • “You Can Count on Our Army.” Interview with Lieutenant General Jorg Vollmer, Chief of Staff, German Army
  • Finnish Air Force Modernisation (Alan Warnes)
  • The Development Plan for the Royal Malaysian Air Force (Dzirhan Mahadzir)
  • Self-Propelled Artillery in US Land Forces (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Quick, Accurate Engagement. Cross-Sectional Optics for Hand Weapons (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • Precision Ammunition for Defence and Security. The Logistics of Precision Ammunition (Thomas Nielsen)
  • Advances in Mortar Technology (Tamir Eshel)
  • Adding to Infantry Firepower. Grenade Launcher Options (David Saw)
  • Next Generation Squad Weapons. The US Army Expands the Scope of its Programmes (David Saw)
  • Poland Gains Long-Range Engagement Capability (Micha? Jarocki)
  • Tactical UAS – Robot Spies for Unfriendly Skies (Doug Richardson)
  • MALE Programmes and Requirements in Europe (Giulia Tilenni)
  • Harpia: Future Polish Aircraft to Counter Russian Threats (Georg Mader)
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35A on Its Way to Become Operational (Jurgen K.G. Rosenthal)

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European Security & Defence

Published in English for global decision makers in politics and armed forces

European Security & Defence (ESD) addresses focal aspects of European security and defence policy, force development and armament for an international audience in more than 100 countries. Contributors include high-level authors from politics, armed forces, public administration and science covering:

  • Security policy
  • International armed forces
  • Armament and procurement
  • Weapon systems and equipment
  • International defence technology
  • Research and technology

ESD's annual programme includes a special issue on „Defence Procurement in Germany“.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Peter Bossdorf
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Col. (ret) Henning Bartels
Managing Editor: Stephen Barnard
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Defence Procurement in Germany

The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support

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